There will come a time when gifted poets will write verse in praise of the Grand Duchess, her noble soul, her radiant feats, feats of love and mercy. Her beautiful and noble deeds will never be erased from the memory of human nobility and mankind will bless her as great, for she was wedded to love.
Uneasy lies the Head that Wears a Crown
"History is the witness that testifies to the passing of time; it illumines reality, vitalizes memory, provides guidance in daily life and brings us tidings of antiquity" Cicero


→ Marie Antoinette/Louis XVI + Hands

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The Maharajah Duleep Singh. June 7, 1856.

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Prince Leopold’s sixth birthday, April 1859.

Leopold was six in April 1859, and his birthday was celebrated with a children’s costume ball at Buckingham Palace. The Queen and Prince Albert collected him from the schoolroom in the morning and took him to see his presents. The excitement rose in the evening as the children put on their costume. Leopold and Arthur appeared as the sons of Henry IV, in tights and short doublets, while their sisters Helena and Louise became Swiss peasants for the night. Writing to her daughter, the Queen remarked ‘ Your sisters and little brothers looked very pretty, particularly Arthur and Louise. '

The evening was a triumph, described in the pages of the Illustrated London News and other society journals. The Queen and Prince ALbert, the Duchess of Kent, and a select gathering of royal parents, stood on a dais to watch just over two hundred guests, all between the ages of six and fourteen, dance a polonaise, a quadrille, waltzes and galops, until supper was served at midnight. ' The Children all enjoyed it so much,' said the Queen, 'no one more than little Leopold.' 

Queen Victoria’s youngest son : The untold story of Prince Leopold


Lady Mary Crawley and George Crawley, 5x06

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Norwegian Brides (1870 - 1920)

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Prince Nicholas of Greece with his three daughters Princesses Olga, Elizabeth and Marina, later Duchess of Kent.


Dress worn by Princess Marina of Greece


The Victoria & Albert Museum

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Caesar’s death vs Brutus’ death, requested by anon.

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Friedrich Crown Prince of Prussia and his brother-in-law Prince Louis of Hesse, clearly had fun during the photoshoot on 9 March 1863.

{Prince Frederick of Denmark, Princess Christian of Denmark, Princess Alice and Princess Helena.}

You have not seen war ! If you had seen it, you would not utter the word so calmly. I have had experience of war, and I must tell you that it is the greatest of all duties to avoid war whenever possible
—Crown Prince Friedrich Wilhelm of Prussia

Each year for Fritz’s birthday his grandfather Friedrich Wilhelm III gave him fifty gold coins to spend as he liked, and Unruch (Fritz’s military governor) recalled finding the boy very late on the evening of his eighth or ninth birthday at his writing table, deep in mathematical calculations.

' The task which had absorbed the Prince up to such a late hour… had been to find out whom he would give pleasure [with his gift money] and how much he might be able to spend upon each.' According to Unruh, these computations were carefully detailed as to the circumstances and the merits of each individual. ' I was filled with astonishment by the earnestness of the work, the insight into human nature, the loving forethought and the charitable spirit… I added the entries together and found that Fritz had allotted the whole of the fifty Friedrichs-d’or.’

An uncommon woman The Empress Frederick

His Royal Highness The Crown Prince of Prussia

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